Diana McCracken, RMC
Township Clerk ext. 233
Main Number: (609) 296-7241
Extensions: 230, 231, 232.
Fax: (609) 296-5352

Township Code Book -

Chapter 15 - Land Use & Development Ordinance

 Duties of the Municipal Clerk - Core duties of the municipal clerk are specified by State Statute (N.J.S.A. 40A:9-133)

Township Meeting and Agenda - Prepares meeting agendas at the discretion of the governing body. Attends meeting and keeps a journal of the proceedings of every meeting. Retains the original copies of all ordinances and resolutions, and records the minutes of every meeting.

Elections - Serves as the chief administrative office in all elections held in the municipality and as the chief registrar of voters in the municipality.

Records Retention and Local Archives - Serves as coordinator and records manager responsible for implementing local archives and records retention. Custodian of the municipal seal and of all minutes, books, deeds, bonds, contracts, and archival records of the municipal corporation.

 Land Use and Development Ordinance and Zoning Map (in CD format)
Cost $50.00 + zoning map $5.00 + s/h $1.92 = $56.92  /   Zoning Map - $5.00 + s/h $1.72 = $6.72

Licenses and Permits - Serves as the administrative officer responsible for the acceptance of applications for licenses and permits and the issuance of licenses and permits. Many municipal licenses require approval of the Chief of Police, Zoning Officer and Municipal Clerk prior to issuance.

Automated Trash Containers - There are three sizes of automated trash containers available: 95 gallon = $55; 65 gallon = $50; 35 gallon = $45. There is a maximum of three cans per household. Form to purchase an additional automated trash container, click here.

Additional Recycling Containers - Additional 95 gallon cans can be purchased for $55. Form to purchase an additional automated recycling container - click here.

Alcohol Beverage License - Check back periodically at the Township Clerk's office to see if a new license is available.

Bingo and Raffle Applications - These applications are required for all games of chance held in the Township of Little Egg Harbor. Applicants must have a valid state license. State Application for a Raffle & Bingo Licenses, please visit:

CFC Permit - A CFC Permit is required for the disposal of appliances with Freon (including, but not limited to refrigerators, freezers, and window air conditioners) by our Department of Public Works. The fee for this permit is $12.   CFC Permit Form - click here

Complaint Form - A Complaint Form is used for property maintenance complaints, zoning issues, animal complaints, etc. This form is not used for criminal complaints.   Complaint Form - click here

Dog License - Annual licensing is required for all dogs over the age of 7 months. Rabies inoculation must be valid until November 1st or thereafter of the licensing year. The license is for the calendar year and is available during the month of January, and thereafter. The fee for this license if $9 for spayed / neutered, or $12 for non-altered dogs.   Dog License Application Form - click here

Food License - Annual license for all establishments serving or selling food. Annual license is $100. There is no fee for veterans for a Food License.

Garage Sale Application - Cost $5. This fee entitles residents to two consecutive weekends or one, three day sale. Residents are limited to three garage sale permits per year.   Garage Sale Application - click here

Kennel License - Ocean County Board of Health approval is required prior to issuance of an annual Kennel License. Kennel License Application Form - click here

Landlord Filing Statement - All landlords or residential units are required to complete a Landlord Filing Statement with each new tenant. The original statement is filed with the Municipal Clerk, with a copy in the rental unit.  Landlord Filing Statement - click here

Mercantile License - Annual license for all businesses unless they have a state license. Initial fee $50., renewal fee is $30. Mercantile License Application - click here

Request for Public Records - Open Public Records Act (OPRA). Photocopy costs, $0.05 per page for letter size, and $0.10 per page for legal size copies.   OPRA Request Form - click here

Social Affairs Permit - A Social Affairs Permit is required for events selling alcoholic beverages at a non-ABC licensed establishment or for club license holders serving alcoholic beverages to non-members.

Special Events Permit - A Special Events Permit is required for any block party, parade, contest, carnival, music event, circus or other organized group of 25 or more people desiring to use public property owned by the Township of Little Egg Harbor.   Special Events Permit Form - click here

Street Vacation Application - A Street Vacation Application is needed for the vacation of any street, highway, right-of-way, or other public place.   Street Vacation Application - click here

Vendors Permit - A Vendors Permit is required for peddlers, can shakes, poppy sales, and ice cream trucks. The fee for this permit is $300, for veterans there is no fee.  Vendor Permit Application - click here

Voter Registration and Vote by Mail Ballot - These forms are available in the Municipal Clerk's Office. Residents must be 18 years of age or older at the next ensuing election to register.