R-50 Zone requirements and 2013 Amendments

Effective November 7, 2016
All new construction, additions and substantial improvements in flood hazard areas will require two (2) foundation location surveys (prepared by a New Jersey Professional Land Surveyor) showing all building corners and the elevation of the top of the foundation.  The documentation as per N.J.A.C. 5:23-2.18(b)1.ii.(1)&(2) and Township Ordinance #2004-08 shall be required prior to further vertical construction.

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Please see the attached information released from the State of New Jersey regarding "Houses on Pilings."


Building Subcode

Bulkhead Application / Permit Construction Permit

Checklist for Construction Permit Applications

Chimney Certification for Replacement of Fuel Fired Equipment

Commercial Certificate of Occupancy Inspection Application

Construction Permit Application

Demo / House Raising Application
  /  (Information on elevation of an existing building.)

Electrical Subcode

Existing Structure Resale / Rental Certificate of Inspection Application (Commercial / Business)

Existing Structure Resale / Rental Certificate of Inspection Application (Residential)

Fire Protection Subcode

Permit By Rule

Plumbing Subcode

Temporary Waiver of Certificate of Occupancy

  Tree Clearing Permit

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New Construction Application Requirements

Checklist Requirements for a Certificate of Occupancy for House Raised

Checklist Requirements for a Certificate of Occupancy for New Construction

REScheck (instructions)

Link for REScheck

Zoning Application